Saturday, September 3, 2011

The House Guest Who Almost Stayed Forever…redux

Okay, to update you, this 70 year old woman got married a few months ago to a fellow three years younger. No big deal, except, "Why?"

Now I can't figure it out at all. She's an academic of sorts. She's got a doctorate, but was fired from her previous job. She now works for a university here, though I've not got the slightest idea what she does.

But she did get married after knowing a guy she met online for just a few months. But this guy doesn't work at all. My wife has offered him jobs in her new business at $12.00 an hour, not much, but it's easy work. He's taken a couple of hours "as a favor." A favor? You don't work and you got paid. That's not a "favor." A favor's if you don't get paid.

Anyway, my wife wanted him to do a bit more work, but he told her he was just helping out before as, what? A "favor."

Today she spoke with the houseguest who almost stayed forever. "What does your husband do all day?" she asked. "Oh, he's on the computer," was the response.

What the hell is that?

Oh, yeah, this woman has applied for a major grant overseas, an academic grant. "I was invited to apply," she said. Well, for this particular fellowship, you are required to apply, but only after to request an application.

Now, I went to graduate school on a Danforth Fellowship. The chances of a 70 year old woman getting that for which she applies define unlikely. After all, they should be awarded to those far younger. Beyond that, what contribution would she make following such an award, if she got it? None, save being able to say that she got one.

Beyond that, it's remarkably selfish, in my opinion, to throw yourself into that mix, with that in mind.