Wednesday, August 31, 2011

House of Representatives/Republicans/Boehner: APPALLING


The New York Times headline, "Obama to Move Jobs Speech After Skirmish With Boehner," is, without out a doubt, the single most reprehensible and disrespectful action I have ever heard of the House of Representatives taking, with the lead of John Boehner, of course.

As the Times quoted, "Congressional historians said Mr. Boehner's move was unprecedented…"

While I believe that the Republicans are self-destructing, I also believe and believe categorically that whomever the President is, Democrat or Republican, good or bad, the Office deserves at least a modicum of respect.

But it has become abundantly clear that the Republican Party, as manifest in the House of Representatives, simply wants to destroy President Obama and it smacks of not only utter stupidity, but racism.

It is just beyond my comprehension that the citizens of our great nation, Americans, put these fools into office. Unfortunately, it is us who will pay the price while these politicians continue to collect their salaries for which they do nothing but cause continued pain to all but the most affluent in this country.

The Android

Here's my rant for the day and it live on until my wife gives up her Android Epix. First, some background: She uses it because it has a slide out keyboard and she says she can't text with her nails (there normal for a woman and I'm pretty sure lots of women get used to texting on an iPhone).

Let me tell you about this phone: Despite the fact that Android operating system is the most widely used on cell phones and has more apps that any other, I am absolutely certain that's because it's just plain cheap, both in design and sale. But that really doesn't matter. And, imagine, if you use Outlook, you need a third party program to sync, or do some funky Google transfer. How crass and inelegant.

What does matter in the inordinate amount of time I've spent on the phone with her provider (which she uses because her sister, who works there, has her on a very inexpensive "friends and family" program) getting the system to work right. Sure, her first phone was defective, but she got a new one and it's still a pain in the neck: It just doesn't work smoothly and I've heard that from others.

Well, after months of using this piece of garbage, she's finally agreed to give the iPhone a shot…but only after she "practices" texting on mine.

I'm hoping she converts so to speak, as I've no real problems with mine, nor ATT. The service from ATT, in my area, is just fine and Apple, of course, is known for its service. I'm fairly certain she'll make the change and with both of us on the same system, the charges will be slightly less.

Honestly, there's almost not a day that goes by when she doesn't have a complaint about that damned phone. It it truly, in my view, a piece of junk.


Sleep. It doesn't seem to want to hang around this night. I have no thoughts whirring about in my mind, nothing that does battle with sleep, yet it just doesn't want to come for a visit.