Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bachmann, The Iowa “Straw Poll” and the Media

Stop it already. First, no one who's won this so-called "poll" has ever won the Presidency. Second, consider that Bachmann go 4,823 votes out of just fewer than 17,000 votes cast.

So, what have we been hearing for the past few weeks: The Iowa Straw Poll. In 2008, about 130,000,000 of our 307,000,000 total population voted. You don't want to do the math, but the Iowa "Straw Poll" represents 1.297709923664122e-4 percent of the nation's population. Notice the "-4."

Really, no wonder respect for the media has deteriorated so. Battering us daily with news of this absurb event – even my favorite paper, The New York Times.

Please. If this broad actually wins the election in 2012, I'll simply leave the country. I'm fluent in French and like the south of France. Imagine, the media's talking as if she actually has a chance.

On the other hand, we (well, I didn't) elected George Bush twice, so there's no telling how foolish some folks can be.