Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Bitch of a Wife

My own. So, as they say, (I mean starting a sentence with "So") today my wife told me she owes $1300 to her "partner" in her new business. It was the remainder of $1600 she owed her to pull a necklace out of hock about which I didn't know.

Also, the "partner" objected to expenses, about $200.00, on their business. I told my wife that we'd handle the debt, again, about which I knew nothing. Then she (wife) told me it was really $1300 because wife had been giving the person $100 from her paycheck every two weeks. Okay, now we're at about $1000, a bit less to be close to exact. "I'll take care of it," I said, and drafted a few documents regarding the issue.

The two get into a fight, the partner says she's going to take her to small claims court unless wife pays more. I say "Fine, it'll take her a couple of months minimum (because of the number of cases) to do that."

Without going into the entire thing, the following: I knew nothing about this until yesterday and it's at least three months old, I calculate the amount wife owes minus the business expenses, draft documents applicable to the payment of the debt and severing the business relationship and wife is ANGRY with me.

Now I'm serious here: I know nothing about a debt my wife has incurred, I agree to pay and she (wife) spends the night angry with me.

Now, I will agree that there are the proverbial three sides to every argument, to every dispute. However, in this one, I'm just plain baffled.

In short, marrying my third wife is without question the worst
decision I've ever made. She's simply a drunk and a liar. And, I'm too old really to do anything about it. That noted, this is the last time I lay out any cash for her, aside from joint living expenses.

I must say, it's on me – probably should have stayed married to one of the first two or just not married the third.