Sunday, July 31, 2011

Social Networking – Facebook Et Al

Today I "resigned" from Facebook. The inanity was just too much and a "who cares?" It occurred to me that my "Friends" on Facebook, were as is oft said, not really Friends. They are people I know and with whom I rarely speak. Hell, only one of my sons is on there.

It seem to me that if some of moment occurs in your life, something about which true friends are interested, you should probably tell them personally. Who the hell cares if you had dinner someplace? Really, such inanity.

Most of the "social network" criticism has to do with privacy, I suppose. Mine doesn't, really, as with the Internet these days, unless you never got on it, that issue's moot.

"Social Networking," to me is just another way to avoid real human colloquy. A waste of time for users that makes millions or billions for the owners.

Just Something

Let's see, I'm trying to extracate myself from Facebook. It just doesn't make any sense. More than that, a budget "deal" without taxes? Please. I'm, again, so tired of it. I think I'll watch a movie about smart people, House Bunny.