Friday, July 29, 2011

Country Music

I like it. In fact, it's what I listen to most while I'm working. Doesn't matter if it's classic or new. Okay, blues, folk and pre-70s jazz are my favorities, but those I are genres I almost have to focus on when listening. Country music, not so much – I just like the stories.

Enough Already

President Obama jawboned again this morning. The House GOP brought a budget bill back to the floor, this time with a "Balanced Budged" amendment that'll get nowhere, at least in the Senate.

So what are these clowns in Congress doing? Well, for those rookies who were elected on "not raising taxes," they're being buffoons. They simply have no idea how government (and I mean "government," not Washington) works.

No one's paying attention to the real and primary problem this nation has: No jobs.

What would you like to bet that, if and when the budget issue gets resolved, Congress will take a vacation, it'll go into recess because of the exhausting work it believes it's done.

I just don't know what the hell to say or think anymore except, "Throw 'da bums out."