Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An update on "The Houseguest Who Almost Stayed Forever," And Other Stuff

My wife informed me yesterday that the "Houseguest Who Almost Stayed Forever" is acting her age, pushing 70: She and her new husband, an innocuous fellow who keeps his mouth shut, bought a new car. They bought a Cadillac, a black one no less and in a city where the average temperature for about half the year is pretty close to 100.

I've got nothing against Cadillac's per se, but considering the price of gasoline, down a bit though it is, and the environment as a whole, who hell makes such purchases these days, especially with the choices available.

And, of course, there's the continuing saga of increasing the debt limit, which, if you weren't aware, has been raised more than 70 times since 1962 - yes, under almost every President since then.

Yeah, well, a lot of you voted for these hayseeds who ran on "not raising taxes." There are 85 of 'em and they ought to be held after school. Boehner obviously can't hold his caucus together, but as Majority Leader, he can sure has hell do other things, maybe hold the House in 24/7 session until this is handled.

But this is, in my view, not the most important issue: Reserve that for jobs and no one's talking about that.

Jeez, I really abhor Washington, a town I probably loved and enjoyed for years as a reporter. I don't even want to visit there any longer.

I had some other material, but was interrupted by the phone. More later, perhaps.