Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dumb Blondes

So, as an ex-reporter and breaking my own rule about obsessiveness, here's the issue:

My wife took a nap this afternoon. She got up and found me watching the end of a movie I recorded. I'm not going to tell you the name of the movie, however, it's a silly one, but one I enjoy. Wife awakes from her nap and said, "I wanted to watch that movie." I responded, "I've been watching it for three days (I watch stuff I've recorded in part then continue. It's not unusual for me to take a couple, or three days to watch something, because most everything I've recorded I've seen before – don't ask.) I responded "Oh, okay, want to watch it now? It's one I could watch again, immediately."

And, again, a fight, well she fought: "You know I wanted to watch that (I didn't)…I can't watch it for a couple of weeks…(I don't care, I'd watch it again now), etc.

Okay, I accede to EVERYTHING she says, yet she continues to fight. She has no intellectual capacity or range for discussion. The woman has to be "right" all the time…loves to fight…"My life shouldn't'have turned out this way," is what she says and what she feels. She gives "dumb blondes" a bad name.

Who's does?

Norway, Guns and Stupidity

92 murdered in Norway. Norway of all places and who committed this indescrible act: A right-wing Christian. What is that about, please. I didn't know there was a religious "right-wing." And in Austin, six killed and several wounded at a roller rink. I can't even imagine that, having spent wonderful hours with my friends at roller rinks growing up (no ice skating though…seemed I was only able to do that on my ankles).

I abhor guns, not just handguns, but all guns. I don't like 'em for hunting, target shooting and obviously war or terrorism. Want to hunt, give the prey a chance: hunt with your hands, or a knife. For war, return to bows and arrows or swords.

Get rid of the damned things. There are a lot interpretation of the second amendment. Personally, I say get rid of it. I am so tired to waking to news of shootings (and bombings); to more crime committed with guns.

A few years back I attended a large fundraiser, a dinner. A woman at the table, in her 40s, proudly pulled out a small "feminine" pistol and proudly declared: "I just got a carry permit." I responded, "And you need that for a $250 a seat fundraiser for children at a major hotel?" Then I promply left the table.

These days you don't know if you're going to get shot for inadvertantly cutting someone off on the road – what the hell have we become.