Thursday, July 21, 2011

I’ve had my share

I had a reasonable day until I picked my wife up from work. She was "distressed" all day because her cell phone is not working properly, an Android. When this first occurred yesterday, as usual, I took care of it: She's off tomorrow, so I made an appointment for her at 11 at the cell phone company's store nearby. The fellow there said, "Oh, she can show up at 10, tell the desk she has an appointment and just drop the phone off and we'll have it taken care of in a couple of hours."

That seemed fine to me, but today, in calling me, all she did was complain about her damned cell phone. She absolutely needs something about which to complain. I told her repeatedly, it'll dealt with tomorrow. And it will. The company's quite good about that, as is the facility five minutes from here.

Now, here's the backstory: Her sister's been with her cellphone company for years. I got in touch with her, told her the story and she said, "Oh, they'll probably either fix it in,(what?), a couple of hours or just give her a new or refurbished phone." Sound okay, right? But there's more. Sis said, "I'll send her out some papers this afternoon and all she has to do is fill them out, return them and she'll have a brand new phone the end of next week." And, my wife gets an great deal on service fees: Friends and Family, she pays (rather I do) about $60 a month for unlimited everything.

But, of course, being the definition of spoiled and entitled, none of this is good enough.

Okay, so let me tell you what I do. I essentially consult and write for a living. I handle crises for companies, and occassionally for individuals. I'm compensated pretty well for what I do, but in all honesty, given the economy, probably 20 percent less than a couple of years ago…but still good. At the end of the day, my income's quite good.

If you don't understand what I do, I fix things, reputations, companies, etc.

Now, I spend a lot the day working to earn dollars.

She works too. She works because she hocked some jewelry to but "designer" clothes, without either asking nor telling me. When she finally did, I said, "Find a job, earn dough…you got yourself into it, get yourself out of it." Sounds harsh, but sometime a line must be drawn.

So, today she's beside herself because of her cellphone. I told her it'll be less than 24 hours and it'll fixed or replaced. The response was, "I hate my f***** life. Nothing's any good. I don't deserve this."

My response, had I not exercised a bit of discipline, would have been, "It's a bloody cellphone!"

Fortunately, I do this blog and I'm smart enough to know that pushing 70, what the hell…for those of you who think about sex…yeah, once in a while, but at this point, I'd rather reread Dickens. As the bartender at McSorley's said, "I've had my share."