Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Life

My dog, I think, is really my best friend. Yes, I have "old" friends, perhaps a half-dozen, one whom I've known since I was 16. A couple or three others from college. My oldest is retired and fairly affluent. We talk rarely, however, as he has changed so much. In our teens and early 20s we played guitar and banjo together at the old Greenwich Village coffee houses; I wrote and read poetry (still write it). But now his interests have changed so.

He was in town a while back with his second wife (his first died). I pulled out my guitar and banjo and he said, "I have played in 20 years." Now, let me tell you – he was good, very good, to point of being brilliant; this to the point of challenging Charlie Byrd to a "duel" when we were in our late teens, at the old Showboat Lounge back in Washington. Byrd was literally "wowed." Now, "I don't play anymore…I just go out and shoot at varmints, read and travel."

A few others reached professional levels, an architect, a chiropracter/acupuncturist and a psychologist – all now pretty much drunks, though working a bit.

We've no longer anything in common and perhaps it's me. Yes, I'm a professional. If you're not aware of what I do or have done, I manage crisis situations for medium to very large companies – you've probably read of these companies and their troubles. Prior to that I was a reporter with one of the three largest circulation papers in the nation. I'll let you guess, but suffice it to say I covered Congress and political campaigns.

However, I still play the guitar almost daily, folk and blues…and work on the banjo (I'm not quite as good on that one). I've got a keyboard and play that when my hands hurt.

But I've got no one to talk with really. There's a pedantic attorney; he's quite smart (out of Berkeley and Boalt), but he can't stop talking having ruined his career years ago because he couldn't keep his fly zipped up.

My wife's worthless to talk with…so it leaves me and my dog. And, I love my dog…okay, not as much as my sons who are, indeed, my best friends. However, we only talk when we need to catch up or one wants counsel.

All of that notwithstanding, my life ain't bad. Gimme a scotch, a guitar and a TV and I'll do just fine.