Saturday, July 9, 2011

My “Entitled” Wife

I'm sure there are folks who have worse mornings, far worse no doubt; but for me it's five mornings a week that I drive my wife to work: Complaints, nothing but complaints about how dreadful her life is. I have, in the past, empathized with her, but when one is trying to engage with a narcissist, that is impossible: They don't absorb your understanding, so they drag one and on. I simply drove in silence, knowing that I'd pound it all down and out of my mind at some point today, only to have it exacerbated when she returns home this evening.

She doesn't believe she should have to work and doesn't like her job. Welcome, then, to the real world "princess." She conveniently forgets that I work, though from home, bring in a significant amount of money and do the housekeeping and laundry, including ironing. I'm quite good at that, by the way, and find it a mindless distraction to some of my daily client challenges.

Her problem is that she wants me to pay for her prolificacy and I simply refuse to.

It's a helluva way to start the day, but I think I've become almost inured to it; but it remains a helluva way to spend the remainder of my life.

On the other hand, I am a lucky fellow with a blood family, two sons and a sister (pain in the neck that she is) who all care, from what I feel, deeply about each other and who are always there for one another.

My wife, if you can call her that, on the other hand, has but one sister, from whom she's estranged of her own volition. She is a woman of fading beauty, modest intelligence and increasing pity.

But, she's out of the house for the next 7 hours, so I'll have peace.