Monday, October 31, 2011

My Wife’s Drunk Again

I am the cause of all her woes…and that includes being sent home from work today, though I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on that, but barely. She didn't follow procedure.

But that aside, I'm as always the cause of all that's bad. At this point, and for some time now, I just don't care. I figure, put up with the yelling and the irrationality. Take it and at some point she goes to bed or otherwise quits.

It's a raft of issues. Sure, I'm partially at fault, but I just don't give a damn anymore. My life may be bloody miserable, but I can live with it.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wife, Redux

How remarkably unpleasant to spend 40 minutes in a car twice a day with my wife. The first thing out her mouth is about cars, new cars, the one that needs repair; and that's on top of at least three texts on that subject…then there's money, the next subject and two texts. "I don't want to talk about either," I say and get the response, "But…."

Upon arrival home, I pointed out that I thoroughly cleaned the house, vacuum, mop, laundry, etc. Not a bloody word. I did have a quiet day, not much to do for clients. I thought it'd be a nice surprise.

I'm so tired of the banality of life with her…I think I've got nearly twenty years left (seems my blood relatives die in their mid-80s) and I'm learning to live with it.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I was always great with birthdays of friends, knowing when they were and prior to email, sending them a card and calling. There was often a surprise from the recipients because who, after all, recalls birthdays of those to whom they are especially close.

These days, however, given Facebook and others, no one has to worry about when there's a birthday, it's apparently automatic that it shows up on these sites, with scores of attendant greetings.

I wonder, then, if there's any true meaning to sending one. To me, a great part of offering congratulations for this day is remembering or being thoughtful enough to having it written down personally.

My sons' birthdays are this week…I do not need to write those down.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Yes, I believe that's the proper word for how I feel about life these days, to say nothing of people in general, with the categorical exception of my sons.

Nothing changes: The deterioration of our society continues slowly spiraling downward evacuating the middle-class. It is "politics as usual" in Washington which means no politics. Ego-centricism seems to characterize people these days, as well as the separation of classes. The list could go on considerably, but it's tiresome just to think of it.

What have we come to? What has my life come to? I would have hoped to become obscenely wealthy, marry Katherine Hepburn and live happily ever after. But what the hell, cave canum.

There's another Republican debate tonight. I wonder who'll watch, other than the so-called pundits who will disect and parse every word. Fortunately, "You normally scheduled programs will not be interrrupted."

Sunday, October 16, 2011


"I was raised to have someone take care of me…I couldn't be a secretary or a waitress." Pushing 70, and truly having been around the block, I've heard many say many thing, but I have never heard anyone say they were raised to be dependant on someone else.

The first thing I thought when I heard that was, "Who the hell were your parents? What were they like and what were they thinking?" That's just embarrassing to reflect on one's parents that way, to say nothing of, in my opinion having parents who were clueless about the world, with no thought of the future of their child or children.

Narcissism is characterized by a lack of empathy, a willingness to exploit others, and an inflated sense of self-importance. According to a discussion on public Internet venue of professionals, it's a defensive reaction of withdrawing one's sexual interest from other people and focusing it exclusively on oneself. Narcissism pretty much follows the myth of Narcissus (I happen to like mythology).

It seems like an "Oh poor me" condition and I have no compassion for that at all.

While it isn't all about me, I was raised differently, in a loving, close, intellectually oriented family that had a work ethic, a love ethic, a family ethic and so forth. I was taught that "Whatever you get yourself into, get yourself out of." Now that isn't to say that my parents didn't help me growing up; or wouldn't help me if was in serious trouble (never was); it is just to say that I loved my parents and my upbringing.

To wit, when I dropped out of school at the age of 18 and worked my may over to Europe on freighter, they took me to the port in NYC and wished me love and luck. About a year later, stuck in Paris, broke and hungry, I called them "Collect," a pretty penny in those days. I needed money to get home.

My Dad, accepting the call, said, "Glad you're alright, but you're going to have to raise the money to get back, or work your way back." It wasn't a nasty conversation at all, albeit brief because of the cost.

Six weeks later I had raised enough playing the guitar and working in a café to buy a ticket on a big deal ship, the Rotterdam, albeit well below decks, but I nice room nonetheless.

And, the touch of irony: I met a woman on board, a bit older than I, who partnered with me in a couple of bridge tournaments – together we won about $500.00, quite a bit. I got off the boat with safely in New York, with a couple of hundred bucks in my pocket.

I suppose almost everyone would like someone to take care of them, but I also suppose most prefer independence.

Sure, the future's more uncertain that ever these days and a huge and increasing number of persons and families are broke, if not fast approaching. Hell, my income's considerably lower, more than considerably.

Life's life…get through it, get over it…find a way that doesn't involve whining and complaining.

Oh, yeah…it was my wife I was describing.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Technology, My Wife, Stuff In General

I bought a new printer recently, a rather large one; an inkjet. Well it as less than a month ago. Well, it continually jammed (it's a duplex, multifunction). After spending probably ten hours on the phone at various times with the manufacturer, I finally reached someone who said, "Oh, that's under warranty, we'll send you a new one," which came the other day. This is not to say that support wasn't good; it was. And, my waits were always less than five minutes. But, please, after the first or second time, why didn't someone point that out to me? Okay, perhaps I should have raised it, but frankly, I didn't think of it. In any even it's a great printer and working fine.

Then, there was my iPhone OS upgrade today. It got not so "user-friendly" for some reason. This iCloud business…well, who knows, I probably just didn't take enough time to think about something that I just plug in and it does it's thing.

And, finally, my wife is being a pain in the neck again. Well that happens, as readers know, quite a bit.

But that's not really correct. As I'm fairly well inured to her complaining, while it bothers me because I have to either listen to it while I'm transporting her to and from work, or sense it while we're watching television – I suppose it has some impact on my psyche, but it's so repetitive, I just don't care.

I've never felt especially entitled and it's really beyond me me why people can't just take it as it comes and move on.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Notes From This Morning

The first words out of my wife's mouth at 5:45 this morning, "I'm going to feel miserable today." She wasn't talking about physical illness, but rather her psychological state. Another "Oh, poor me" day.

I like the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. That they're protesting what seems to be everything, as its critics and some so-called pundits put it is just fine with me. Everyone is p******* off at something, more on some issues than others, but angry and frustrated nonetheless, so why not demonstrate. The "Right" talks about it as fomenting, if not actual "Class Warfare." Hell, with one percent of the nation controlling nearly 95+ percent of the the wealth, it is pretty damned close to that. Warranted in my mind as well.

In Politico this morning, I read, "Democrats may not vote on President Barack Obama's jobs bill just once. They could hold several votes on it, even though they know it's going nowhere…But that's just the public theater. Behind the scenes, Senate Democrats are trying to develop a Plan B: a series of smaller bills that actually have a chance of passing a badly divided Congress." Jeez, not only does my party, from the leadership on down, back off on everything, but it does it before it even begins.

Facebook: According to the Electronic Freedom Foundation in its story, "Facebook's Hotel California: Cross-Site Tracking and the Potential Impact on Digital Privacy Legislation," "For its 800 millions users, logging out of Facebook is not something done idly. Closing the Facebook tab won't do it. Closing your browser won't do it unless you've adjusted the settings in your browser to clear cookies upon closing. And Facebook has buried the log-out button so that it isn't apparent from your Facebook main page or profile page."

What a way to wake up.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I really didn't care about Chris Christie running for President. What was interesting to me was that it was the media that started the ruckus.

It seems to me that the media just isn't what it used to be – it now makes news, as well as occassionally reporting with a semblance of objectivity.

I'm still somewhat savoring the stupidity of the House Guest Who Almost Stayed Forever...and the potential ramifications.

Being modestly egocentric (we all are, I suppose), perhaps a bit more than "modestly," and having a fairly solid intuitive sense, there's so little question in my mind that by the time this guy's done with her, she's going to maybe still have her job, and little else.

Perhaps I should feel sympathy for her, but to me, it's karma; it's her bed and she made it.

Unfortunately, the woman's no longer speaking with my wife, so I don't get to hear what's going on. However, when the crash comes, she'll call.

I'd like to write a bit about the world and the economy, or politics but to coin the name of a great jazz tune, "What Is There To Say?"

To me, there's no end in sight of this pain almost all are feeling. And for that, I am sympathetic.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Really Dumb House Guest Who Almost Stayed Forever, or Desperate Woman

The guy she married was living with another woman when he met her on some online service, don't know what it was. In less than four months, he moved into her apartment and married her.

But, uh oh, "I need some help, honey, I owe this other woman a $1,000." The dumb house guest paid it.
As I wrote before, this guy hasn't worked in at least four years. At the time he had an old Ford, she an old Japanese Car.

He doesn't have dime one and since they met, this woman has bought more than $60k in cars for them and a condo.

Talk about, as I do, desperate women, there's just really bad stuff coming down that road.

The good news for me is that I never have to see or talk with either them again.