Wednesday, August 31, 2011

House of Representatives/Republicans/Boehner: APPALLING


The New York Times headline, "Obama to Move Jobs Speech After Skirmish With Boehner," is, without out a doubt, the single most reprehensible and disrespectful action I have ever heard of the House of Representatives taking, with the lead of John Boehner, of course.

As the Times quoted, "Congressional historians said Mr. Boehner's move was unprecedented…"

While I believe that the Republicans are self-destructing, I also believe and believe categorically that whomever the President is, Democrat or Republican, good or bad, the Office deserves at least a modicum of respect.

But it has become abundantly clear that the Republican Party, as manifest in the House of Representatives, simply wants to destroy President Obama and it smacks of not only utter stupidity, but racism.

It is just beyond my comprehension that the citizens of our great nation, Americans, put these fools into office. Unfortunately, it is us who will pay the price while these politicians continue to collect their salaries for which they do nothing but cause continued pain to all but the most affluent in this country.

The Android

Here's my rant for the day and it live on until my wife gives up her Android Epix. First, some background: She uses it because it has a slide out keyboard and she says she can't text with her nails (there normal for a woman and I'm pretty sure lots of women get used to texting on an iPhone).

Let me tell you about this phone: Despite the fact that Android operating system is the most widely used on cell phones and has more apps that any other, I am absolutely certain that's because it's just plain cheap, both in design and sale. But that really doesn't matter. And, imagine, if you use Outlook, you need a third party program to sync, or do some funky Google transfer. How crass and inelegant.

What does matter in the inordinate amount of time I've spent on the phone with her provider (which she uses because her sister, who works there, has her on a very inexpensive "friends and family" program) getting the system to work right. Sure, her first phone was defective, but she got a new one and it's still a pain in the neck: It just doesn't work smoothly and I've heard that from others.

Well, after months of using this piece of garbage, she's finally agreed to give the iPhone a shot…but only after she "practices" texting on mine.

I'm hoping she converts so to speak, as I've no real problems with mine, nor ATT. The service from ATT, in my area, is just fine and Apple, of course, is known for its service. I'm fairly certain she'll make the change and with both of us on the same system, the charges will be slightly less.

Honestly, there's almost not a day that goes by when she doesn't have a complaint about that damned phone. It it truly, in my view, a piece of junk.


Sleep. It doesn't seem to want to hang around this night. I have no thoughts whirring about in my mind, nothing that does battle with sleep, yet it just doesn't want to come for a visit.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Meatball Sandwich

I have had little to write lately. I'm not certain that I have any complaints, perhaps that's because I just had a great meatball sandwich.

We've still got wars, Irene didn't hit New York City as hard as the media thought, though it was a helluva storm, some 40 killed. It's frightful and something about we can do nothing. Well, unless your Michele Bachmann who initially said, "I don't know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We've had an earthquake; we've had a hurricane. He said, 'Are you going to start listening to me here?' Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we've got to rein in the spending."

Later, Bachmann spokeswoman Alice Stewart said the GOP presidential candidate's comment on Sunday about God and natural disasters was a joke.

Who is this woman? Next she'll be joking about the Holocaust.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Irene's really something….I've been through these storms, large ones in both Nags Head and Washington, DC and they're tough.

I've been reading about it and there's an expectation that "walls of water" will flow in New York City between skyscrapers. I can't even imagine that, it's like 2012 or some other disaster movie.

My son in Brooklyn is apparently safe with his family and in his home. I emailed him earlier tonight as I read somewhere that cells and landlines are "iffy," but the Internet should not be a problem, even texting.

I can't even imagine and I wish all those touched by this natural disaster to stay safe.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I was talking to a quasi-friend of mine, an attorney who "knows everything." I mentioned the quake back east that was 5.9 being just a bit less than the 6.7 Northridge quake in '93. "No, that was nothing…one point means ten times," he said, whatever the hell that means.

My point is: Those things don't happen back there and it had to just as scary as when it does in the West, in California.

This fellow was a fine attorney who couldn't keep his fly zipped and was tossed from four law firms, major ones; then he got in trouble with a client's girlfriend and that huge trouble that got him everything but disbarred.

I remained his "friend" over those years, but increasingly it's becoming impossible for me to deal with his arrogance and narcissism…the latter being much like my wife's.

That's my bit of a rant for today so far, save to say I hope all are okay back east and that I'm glad Irene isn't going to hit Miami, where I also have friends.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Yeah, I'm still around…and not at all holding to my own commitment to post daily. Had no rest this weekend, or almost none. On Saturday I had to have a computer guy over to solve a router and wireless issue I couldn't; a handyman and carpet cleaners.

Plus, of course, I have my wife complaining daily about her job – same complaints, but I'm fast becoming innured to them…

And, I'm tired – but I shouldn't complain about that, it's business which is increasing, but so's my age.

Aside from that…well, I'll just try to come up with something tomorrow.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bachmann, The Iowa “Straw Poll” and the Media

Stop it already. First, no one who's won this so-called "poll" has ever won the Presidency. Second, consider that Bachmann go 4,823 votes out of just fewer than 17,000 votes cast.

So, what have we been hearing for the past few weeks: The Iowa Straw Poll. In 2008, about 130,000,000 of our 307,000,000 total population voted. You don't want to do the math, but the Iowa "Straw Poll" represents 1.297709923664122e-4 percent of the nation's population. Notice the "-4."

Really, no wonder respect for the media has deteriorated so. Battering us daily with news of this absurb event – even my favorite paper, The New York Times.

Please. If this broad actually wins the election in 2012, I'll simply leave the country. I'm fluent in French and like the south of France. Imagine, the media's talking as if she actually has a chance.

On the other hand, we (well, I didn't) elected George Bush twice, so there's no telling how foolish some folks can be.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Bitch of a Wife

My own. So, as they say, (I mean starting a sentence with "So") today my wife told me she owes $1300 to her "partner" in her new business. It was the remainder of $1600 she owed her to pull a necklace out of hock about which I didn't know.

Also, the "partner" objected to expenses, about $200.00, on their business. I told my wife that we'd handle the debt, again, about which I knew nothing. Then she (wife) told me it was really $1300 because wife had been giving the person $100 from her paycheck every two weeks. Okay, now we're at about $1000, a bit less to be close to exact. "I'll take care of it," I said, and drafted a few documents regarding the issue.

The two get into a fight, the partner says she's going to take her to small claims court unless wife pays more. I say "Fine, it'll take her a couple of months minimum (because of the number of cases) to do that."

Without going into the entire thing, the following: I knew nothing about this until yesterday and it's at least three months old, I calculate the amount wife owes minus the business expenses, draft documents applicable to the payment of the debt and severing the business relationship and wife is ANGRY with me.

Now I'm serious here: I know nothing about a debt my wife has incurred, I agree to pay and she (wife) spends the night angry with me.

Now, I will agree that there are the proverbial three sides to every argument, to every dispute. However, in this one, I'm just plain baffled.

In short, marrying my third wife is without question the worst
decision I've ever made. She's simply a drunk and a liar. And, I'm too old really to do anything about it. That noted, this is the last time I lay out any cash for her, aside from joint living expenses.

I must say, it's on me – probably should have stayed married to one of the first two or just not married the third.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


While I've had a lot to say in the past couple of days, it seems that it's all been said. S&P? Who cares, really? It's important to think about that logically and intellectually. S&P isn't what it once was, and I'm talking about pre-crash, or maybe ever was.

The past two days have been hellish with work: two major matters and they're still going on…all I want to do is lie down for bit and get off the damned phone.

I'll leave it at that…and I am grateful that "major matters" come way. I'm feeling a bit old.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

There are are worse things to waking up to yelling and complaining, but not many.

Another Morning With My “Wife”

Just another lovely way to wake up. My wife couldn't sleep last night because I was either snoring or coughing so she went into the guest room, not a bad idea. But the cat woke her up…and no she's tired and has to go to work and over the top. But next is she's going to replace the carpet in my office and she's going to New Mexico to visit her aunt and this that and the other thing.

It's all about spending…and I didn't even here a "Good Morning."

Who cares is my view.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

This Morning So Far

My wife: "I'm going to buy a new couch." I responded simply, "No." Jeez, who the hell does this woman think she is. I'm just buying a new car for her budding business and now she wants to spend three grand on a couch. I'm absolutely convinced that she has "wet brain," as the drunks call it.

The Tea Party, the Republicans, Standard & Poor’s and U.S. Debt

By now you know that S&P has downgraded U.S. debt, saying"The downgrade reflects our view that the effectiveness, stability, and predictability of American policymaking and political institutions have weakened at a time of ongoing fiscal and economic challenge."

Now, I doubt we'll see much change in our day-to-day living unless the financial community's greed becomes manifest, which would probably be a good bet. However, and without dwelling on it again, thank you Tea Party and cowed GOP for this.

And, to give you an idea of the "weight" of S&P, in its initial statement, it made a $2 trillion error and overstated the nation's debt.

So, the folks who brought you the financial crisis a couple of years ago, with its rave reviews of faulted and fake financial instruments peddled on Wall Street, does it again.

Yet, there remains no accountability for that travesty that occurred back then, neither for the financial community, nor for the almost, if not criminal ways of S&P and other ratings agencies.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rich and Poor

I've written about the income disparity between rich and poor. That disparity continues to become manifest. I suppose the affluent out there just have their own world, eh? The New York Times today wrote, "The rich do not spend quite as they did in the free-wheeling period before the recession, but they are closer to that level…Nordstrom has a waiting list for a Chanel sequined tweed coat with a $9,010 price. Neiman Marcus has sold out in almost every size of Christian Louboutin "Bianca" platform pumps, at $775 a pair. Mercedes-Benz said it sold more cars last month in the United States than it had in any July in five years…"

And, according to the Times, "'If a designer shoe goes up from $800 to $860, who notices?' said Arnold Aronson, managing director of retail strategies at the consulting firm Kurt Salmon, and the former chairman and chief executive of Saks."

Who notices? Well, certainly not those 16-20 million unemployed, or increasing percentage of those living below the poverty line.

How did we become such a dreadful place?

But on the plus side, the Times also wrote about New York's Mayor this morning, "The administration of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, in a blunt acknowledgment that thousands of young black and Latino men are cut off from New York's civic, educational and economic life, plans to spend nearly $130 million on far-reaching measures to improve their circumstances."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Many would say lawyers are the worst profession, but I say realtors. Realtors, and I've known a lot them, are the, well, the scummiest of all professionals. Yeah, I know one or two who do act professional, but overall and by a truly wide margin, these people are interested in only one thing: the deal.

It doesn't matter if they're representing the buyer or seller, it's just the deal.

I'm a renter now, having sold my house about six months before the crash and I've got a good relationship with my landlord, who's got the house up for sale.

These realtors come by and are barely intelligent enough to actually show it; the upgrades, etc.

But forget that. I have the right to let anyone in the house or not.

Today, a realtor came by and wanted to show the house. "You don't have an appointment," I said. "But I called the number listed and there was no answer."

Okay, I've been nice to these people and I'm a bit tired of this sort of thing; it's happened several times. My response: "That's not my problem, I'm busy and if you want to show the house, make an appointment."

Her answer: "Well, I have to show it today, now. These people are from out of town."

"I don't care," I responded. "I'm busy." And I walked away.

Yes, I put 'em lower than lawyers and probably equal to Congress.

Complaints and Problems

Okay, I'm doing it again…even on her day off, today, she starts with the complaints about her job.

Is this woman so bloody stupid and self-absorbed that she doesn't understand that I can't do anything but provide advice, which is see the HR person again. You have a legitimate complaint, it's his job and he fixed at least temporarily. So it occurs again, you go back.

It's not about me, but I have problems everyday – we all do. Most of us, at least those I know, take action and continue to do so until there's a satisfactory resolution.

So, here's my advice to all: It's your life. If you've got a problem, deal with it. Get it fixed. Sure, not all problems can be resolved absolutely to your satisfaction; maybe not to your satisfaction at all, but resolved in any event.

Let them go, one way or another, let them go. As is often said, we've only got so much time and it's the most valuable thing we have.

How we spend it is the most important thing.

I will not
have it stolen from me.

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Wife’s Probably Been Drinking Again

Generally, I can tell, but sometimes, especially with drunks, so-called "recovering alcoholics" it's tough to tell. Yeah, you should be able to smell it, but women use face cleaners that have a slight alcohol smell.

Pushin' seven decades, as I've written before, it's a bit too late to do anything and, again, as I've written before, she's out of the house most of the time.

Yeah, I can complain with the best of them, but at the end of the day, I don't think I deserve to live like this, but it's not all that bad really…just a few hours out of the day.

The think about drunks is they think they're getting away with it. More than that though, I have no sympathy for alcoholics. That the AMA calls "alcoholism" a disease, from my reading I've learned that there are cures, not the least of which are 12-Step programs and simply will power.

So, if you're an alcoholic, I really don't care about your problem, your so-called "disease." There's something you can do about it so, if you don't like having a "disease," do something about it.

Enough of that. I was thinking more pleasant thoughts on this day that the man for whom I voted and my political party sold us down the river and likely into worse shape than we are now.

I was thinking about my Mom and Dad, both now gone for quite a while. It's interesting for me to recall that I never had any "bad" times with my folks; I mean, sure, like most everyone, I got into "trouble" with them from time to time, but I never doubted their love for me, nor mine for them.

I'd like to say that they taught me everything I know, but that's not correct. They taught me many things, but mostly they taught me how to learn and equally important, to want to learn. And everyday, I learn something, perhaps small, or perhaps a revelation that leads to other skills or interests, but I learn daily, something.

How great that it is.

Sure, life's not as great as I might like it, but life's life and at the end of the day, I enjoy it more than I don't.


As Otto von Bismarck, the German 19th century statesman, said, "Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made." In the case of the not yet resolved (it still has Congressional "Super" Committee through which to go and then a vote), Budget Bill, he understated the case.

Leave it to dogmatics to take the nation down the drain; to soak the poor, or at least take from them and give to rich who are "going to create jobs," you know, like HSBC, the massive British company that announced large global cuts today, including the U.S.

It will be years before the current and coming damage is repaired, certainly not in my lifetime. And years before Washington gets the respect, hell, earns the respect of those 60 percent in the nation who see it as more deplorable than attorneys or realtors.

I have little doubts that most of us will be feeling the impact of this shortly and negatively so. We already have: Congress has accomplished nothing during this debacle. It doesn't even have a jobs bill, or anything like it, on the Floors of either side. Think about it: 9+ percent unemployed, actually it's a higher number because of those who fall off the rolls, and Congress has been dealing with this since April.

In 2012 I highly recommend you read much more than what your candidates are saying. Do some research, rather than listening and taking to heart "promises."